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The Show day four

The last day, the public holiday, the day to end all days… and nobody came.

Traffic was slow. So slow that Sufia (who, on day two, couldn’t get a minute to herself ) finished at least 100 pages reading her novel. Luckily Rebecca and I had some live drawing to occupy us and also the lovely Amanda to keep us company.

Next door on our left there were Guinea pigs or Cavies. I got to hold a two week guinea pig. So much fluff.

With our live drawings done (sorry, I didn’t get photos) we were charmed by the cute little thing and had to draw him.

We made another guinea pig friend. She was doing her thing, eating…

…and busking, the usual.

After all the excitement, the sun went down and so did Rebecca’s energy levels. She was barely conscious. She took a nap while Amanda drew.

You can see on Amanda’s left the live drawings we did earlier in the day. Rebecca drew a mermaid bust and I did a tree.

Though the crowd was few and at times empty we had a good sales day. Most were actually people working at the show and were waiting for the last day to buy something from us. Apart from the prints and cards, we both sold original artwork, which was very refreshing and shocking!

Overall the four days were very taxing on us, especially Rebecca, she got a cold on the second day, the first time since moving to Townsville two or so years ago! Working 5-10pm the first day then 9am-10pm for three days straight can do that to you. Plus the weeks in preparation for the show. The past two months has been the most consistently tiring months I have ever had. Safe to say we are not doing the Show next year, it wasn’t the crowd for us. The people’s money was mostly reserved for rides and showbags.

But it was an amazing, unique experience. There was a mini Dutch pancake stall right across from us and it was constantly whispering in my ear to buy some every second, they looked so good. On the third day I ordered some and while the girl was making them for me I told her to come by when she had time and take a few prints.

A quick 2 minute sketch of her while busily making pancakes.

She told me not to worry about paying me and said “We’ll do a trade.” Awesome. I love it when my art directly translates into food.



The Show day three

Not much happened on the second day, though it was ridiculously busy. I sold my first ever print and Becca sold a few more as well but for the crowds we had business was extremely slow.

So for the third day Becca had a great idea and that was to set up an easel and do some live drawing. I can’t believe I didn’t think of that myself, since I’ve been going to ARTycaf for the past few months. Another case of me being hopeless again, haha.

While Becca was setting up and drawing, I had some henna done by Sufia who was next door.

This is the first drawing she did on the day. Very popular. People were walking by saying how cute it was. Becca got sick of it quickly, hahaha.

Then it was my turn.

This is what I came up with. I don’t know the people took it but Sufia said she liked it.

Here is what I used as reference.

To end the night I wanted to draw something together. I got Amanda to pick out a photo for us, she chose a series and from those photos I picked what I felt. I decided on a little girl with huge eyes, cheeks and lips. Very cute, it felt like something we could both be familiar with. We didn’t get any progress shots, it started out very zombie-like but when I started on the eyes she settled down and didn’t look undead anymore.

After my initial pencil work Becca took over, painted over the top with watercolours and did some pencils too, added tone and gave her form.

Lastly, I finished her off with graphite.

We both signed her.

Near the end of each night the Show has fireworks. And they happen to be right above us.

This shot was taken by Amanda.

Day three was awesome, we sold a lot more and had so much fun drawing, meeting people, hanging out with Amanda, eating vegetarian food from the Hare Krishnas and having mini Dutch pancakes for dessert . The energy was so light and flowing. I was very eager to see what day four would be like.

Just before the trip

Wednesday morning I packed my artworks and got  the Townsville work out of the way. After that I had to frame eight of my works to go up for “The Best of ARTycaf LIVE”. During the day I bought frames

then I needed to cut the matt board…which was one of the most traumatising experiences of my life.

This is what happened to the blade after my practice runs.

Somehow I made the blade curl so it was useless. Luckily I had a spare one to work with. After much trial and error of cutting back to front (since I’m left-handed), putting as much weight on the steel rule I could with my knees, having no idea why it didn’t cut all the way through, brusing my thumbs and palms pushing down and creeping forward with my fingers  etc. I have had black belt gradings that were easier on my body.

At the end of the night I took a look at the ‘once was brand new’ blade…

This time, I chipped it or something. I have no idea how or when but I used this blade to cut out eight pieces of matt board. I feel kind of bad because I don’t own the equipment…hahaha. I slept at 3am again.

They next day everything worked out. The actual framing went very smoothly. Thank you to everyone that helped me. Candice, Patrick, Sandra and Freya. You are too good to me.

Here are some photos of the works up. I tried to get good shots but the lighting wasn’t favourable.

Sorry, about the quality here, I didn’t use flash. AND I didn’t have time to scan it either. I gave this to James at the end of the night.

So hard to see the gold in her eyes in low light.

Carmelina, one of the organisers of the whole event.

George, one of the regular performers at the ARTycaf.

Isaac dancing with his red shoes. I sold this one! Very exciting.

It was a great night. Had so much fun setting up, even more during the show, met incredible people. I loved it.

Now onto Townsville for a new experience.

Focus group one

Last night I showed my friends all the drawings I did in the past two weeks. I had about 12 drawings and wanted the group to choose the top 5. I didn’t think I would need some type of voting system but I kinda did, hehe. I wasn’t expecting so many people to be involved. Good thing is that overall, everybody liked my stuff. I also got some very good criticism, which I am very open too.

Here are a few the group decided on.

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