The First Stroke

The brush stroke is the first and the deciding step in all Chinese painting. One might even say that the first style stroke of the brush decides the whole fate of a painting, for its style will be determined by whether the brush stroke is made with light or heavy ink, with a wet or dry brush, with an even or varying pressure of the hand, with a brush held perpendicularly or at an angle. It is not true, as most suppose, that a brush stroke cannot be corrected; it can, especially if it has been done in light ink and with a dry brush. Nevertheless, this first brush stroke is presumably made with great deliberation and  care, so that actually it is a decisive one.



I had a great night tonight.

Remembering to not judge things and others by what they’ve achieved and strip them from all external things and just see the soul. To sense it plainly because deep down that is what they truly are.

I look up to a lot of people and feel nervous talking to them but when I see them as people I can relax and talk to them as if they are normal, which they are. Others might not even want to be judged by their accomplishments and to connect to a person on a human level, I must remember that they are human.

As for how I perceive myself. I feel that I haven’t done anything at all worth mentioning, and I judge myself accordingly. But I shouldn’t even think like that. If I strip away everything but my soul, disregard external things like possessions and accomplishments I’m not doing so bad.

When I draw I must remember to treat my ‘work’ with sincerity and not to attach judgement, thinking “This will be good” or “This one is going to be ugly.” I will just do and accept the experience.

I am a sword

A piece of iron goes through tempering – placed in fire until it is red hot, taken out to be hammered, dipped in water, placed in fire to get red hot again, and taken out to be hammered once again… This whole process is called “tempering.”

What does it mean?

When the situation given is hard to endure, you still have to endure it. When subject to difficulties and hardships, only if you can be tempered to become tough like steel, can this piece of wrought iron be considered valuable.

My art and my heart