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Brush stand


I have always wanted a brush stand. Havingno idea where to get one, I thought to make it out of parts found on the side of the road. 


New studio space


So I moved into a new space this February. It a really nice space, with white walls and such. 


My work area is simple yet all the stuff that was lugged out of my room was quite substantial. I hope to use most of it or all of it before I get kicked out in June. Until then, it is going to be furious whirlwind of art making.

A Week in the Rain


I made this work specifically for a Pozible campaign that was created to help an indigenous nomadic peoples maintain their culture. Read all about it here:

Penan Children’s Book by Blake Kendall

“A Week in the Rain” was silent auctioned off to raise funds towards this cause. It was a great experience making this work. I only gave myself a week (Thus the name! Though I didn’t do it in the rain).

Blake Kendall’s original paintings for the children’s book.

Children’s Day

After setting up the picture railing, it didn’t even cross my mind to take photos of the works being hung! Ha. I’ll get something right eventually.

Maybe I was distracted by the super cute flying foxes.


Children’s Day was about changing the energy of The Parramatta Female Factory Precinct into a site of Consciousness. It was known for taking girls from their mothers and treating them like cattle. Girls that were criminals and/or victimsed were housed together and abused very harshly. ┬áMany girls died here and some of them didn’t have marked graves. Everybody chipped in to make flowers from plastic bottles to commemorate these girls.


If you want to read more

Handy work


Lately I have been volunteering for a fine project called the Parramatta Female Factory Precinct. It has been great because I feel useful. Mostly I am cleaning but I also learnt how to install an old school picture railing which can be very useful!

Nam, Tam, Bonnie, Bethel

It’s nice doing more artsy things. I still forget to take photos. This one was taken by my Mike Chin (Toyko Love-In).