Born in 1983 in Wollongong, Nam Nguyen has yet to leave home, where he lives with three generations of his Vietnamese family in Sydney, Australia.  He started drawing in his high school notebooks and during tutoring class, when he then went to TAFE to receive his Diploma of Fine Arts in 2007.

There, he fine tuned his drawing and painting, and learnt his use of colour with which he still experiments with. When not holding raffles of his prized artworks, Nam plays acoustic guitar, having been in one band that couldn’t decide on a name.

Inspired by artists such as Kent Williams, Gustav Klimt  and David Mack, Nam’s expressionistic work takes on a style of its own, having been likened to art nouveau and the figurate greats. His preferred medium is pencil, as well as ink and brush, and plywood and pine – since the grain itself lends to his art. He also makes his own frames from up-cycled wood.

More recently, Nam can be found drawing on skin with ink, as he adores the texture. When no one is looking, he also draws portraits of beautiful women on trees with chalk. Nam’s subject matter also focus’ greatly on trees, due to his admiration for curved lines found in the natural environment.

Nam is keen on meditation, has an equanimous outlook on life, does his best to live in the moment, but doesn’t understand how humans work. He just draws them.




If you like a drawing, please tell me, it might be yours.


Photo by Primaryshooter


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