Online Raffle – Dark Flow


Dark Flow (A Study)
pencil & ink & gold acrylic on paper
550mm x 440mm

I drew this a few months ago. I can say that this drawing really helped me progress, combining the different textures of pencil and brush and making it work. Having the two different mediums relate to each other through the lines and their flow.

This is the last online raffle for the year! I have great plans for next year. Along with these online raffles there will be free regular give-a-ways in-between so that I have a nice stream of events happening. It should help me get my butt in gear! More on that in the future.

As usual, tickets are only $5 each! You can buy them in person at Unknown Quantity, Shop 16, Connection Arcade, 162-172 Church St, Parramatta.

Any body in the world may enter. If you have any questions email me The winner will be announced 8 December 2013 through video, like I usually do! Thank you all in advance for taking part and extra good luck to everyone!


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