Online Raffle – Purple Tree


Purple Tree
ink on paper
425mm x 525mm x 35mm

Say hello to the next online raffle. After drawing the same girl for ga-gillions of years I needed to play with my imagination again! Purple Tree came straight out of my head. No photo reference, no friendly input, no commission pressure bullshit! This is me. Pure and free. Light and empty. I hope you like Purple Tree, I actually do…a lot.

Tickets are $5 each. Anyone in the world is very welcome to enter!!

Or by coming into Unknown Quantity where it will be displayed for all to see and desire! We are located very close to Parramatta station, Shop 16, Connection Arcade, 162-172 Church St, Parramatta.

All the monies will go to helping me make more art! And most importantly (right now) to be myself.

The winner will be announced 13 October 2013 by video. Check out my YouTube channel to get an idea of what to expect. G-G-Good luck everyone!


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