Online Raffle – Vines


ink on paper
420mm x 297mm (including frame)

I took a few months off. I needed to re-frame what this raffle is to me. My friends noted that if I keep raffling my best work, I would have nothing to show! I understand that but I still need to raffle pieces that people want. Though…what people want, I have no clue! I hope you all find Vines pretty.

Anyone in the world can enter. It is $5 a ticket.

If you’d rather buy tickets in person come into the shop, The Infinite Everything,  Shop 16, The Connection Arcade, 162-172 Church Street, Parramatta.

Any support through buying tickets or even just looking at my work is more than greatly appreciated! It helps me eat vegetables, travel to my job (which I only make what art I sell) and of course buy more art materials.

Here she is in the frame.

The winner will be announced Sunday 5 May 2013. I will be posting a video up as always. Have fun, good luck and see you then.


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