Online Raffle: Study of Donna


Last December I did intend to do an online raffle to end the year but I found that I was rushing the artwork to catch the Christmas crowd. I didn’t want the piece to suffer so I took a step back and am glad I caught myself before I released an artwork that didn’t reflect my values.

I would like you to meet the very first online raffle of 2013.

“Study of Donna”
Pencil on paper with handmade custom frame

370mm x 330mm


Donna is very sentimental to me because when I finished her I felt very secure in where I was going with all this. Not just in my ‘style’ but with my life in general. Things clicked. I drew her a few months ago and have progressed so much since. I will always be grateful for the experience I had with “Study of Donna.” I have since completed a painting of Donna that I will post up some time in the future.


I made the frame myself out of old fence palings. One of the new skills I am developing. It’s so nice making new things out of old materials!

Anyone in the world may buy tickets!! They are $5 each. There are no bonus’ this month. I am still in the process of making new items that people might actually want, like, completely original one of a kind postcard size drawings on wood. I very excited about them but they aren’t ready yet, haha.

All money goes to helping me continue making art. Things like art materials but more importantly knowing that people support me and the love that that triggers in me. Thank you, thank you so all much! Regardless if you buy tickets or not!

The winner will be announced on the week of Monday 25 February 2013. 

Any questions email me
or just leave a comment below.


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