Monthly Raffles

Donna Stem teaser

Hello everybody! This is new – for me.

Every month I am holding a raffle. The second Sunday of every month I will announce an artwork that will be raffled. Everyone (international people too!) will be able to buy a ticket, $5 AUD each.
If you can’t pay online or just would rather pay in person come to The Infinite Everything! Shop 16, The Connection Arcade, 162-172 Church Street, Parramatta. I will be in Wednesday to Friday 10-5pm.

Then two weeks later I will draw the lucky winner and will post up a video to show it hasn’t been rigged.

This means that a very beautiful person will be able to own an artwork of mine relatively cheaply and I get to continue living!

If you would like to buy a ticket, I love you. Oh, for every 5 tickets you buy you get a free random badge with my artwork on it. Click on the knot here,

I also have a link on the bottom of the page.

Also if you would like to keep up with each raffle please join my mailing list.

If you’re the lucky winner and live around me, I will happily deliver it to you in person. But if you live too far away keep in mind the shipping costs from Sydney, Australia.

Right now, I’m only announcing the raffle because I just finished the first artwork, it still needs to dry and be lacquered! I will make a new post when it’s properly finished, in the mean time the image above is a teaser.


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