I’m going through a down spell right now. There’s a lot for me to do but I don’t feel like doing anything. I have a few good ideas I can work with but…eh. Do I go with it or fight it? Is my mind exhausted from the previous months work? I go through this after I finish a big project. After my Melbourne trip I didn’t do anything for 2 whole weeks! That’s long for me.

This time I didn’t want to do absolutely nothing, so I’m working on my basics, the fundamentals.

Loose feet study with brush.
Study of styles. Brush and pen together.
Brush practice with a little bit of colour. Seeing what variance of weight I could achieve with one brush.
Skull practice. Movement practice with brush.
Working on shape and form with the man. Worked on negative space a little with the hairs on the spider.
Started with basic shapes using a 2H pencil. Then working over the top focusing on form and tone.
Muscle study, front on and side. I find profiles very hard to get right.

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