The Infinite Everything Spiral Staircase Project

I was meant to have an exhibition at Zen Oasis during the month of March but they have arranged me to take June-July which I am very happy about. It means I have more time to work on things and I have more time to show!

One of the things is helping run a shop/gallery which I have poured most of my efforts into for the last month and a half. I am learning so much and as I go along the way, the thing I seem to understand is that there is much, much more to learn. Sometimes it’s overwhelming but…I’m trying to see things moment by moment when I can.

One of the things I have never done is build a spiral staircase. We wanted to re use as many old materials as we could. We have off cuts of plywood from a friend to serve as the steps, a whole heap of old library books for 0.20 cents each to serve as the main structure, an old table top for the base.

Books being glued and weighed down.

A mock up of how it will look.

And yes we drilled a hole straight through the middle of the books and slotted them down the metal pole. Sorry to all the book lovers out there.

The final staircase will be around three metres high. We also have not worked on the railing just yet. The purpose of the staircase is for a different way to present our products at the shop/gallery not for people to walk on. It has been so much fun  so far, so much trial and error, we’re only about half way too.


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