A few images back I have been trying to work with 4 colours. Scarlet and Turquoise being the prominent two then indigo and magenta to back them up (that’s just how I think about colour right now). This is a colour sketch I did of Ely.

I have been having so much trouble! As I refer back to images I consider to have worked I actually think they are too simple. For instance.

The shadows on her face are very simple. Just three tones without any variation really. I want to build on top of this rather than just repeat myself but I know I need to practice things until I reach a level I’m comfortable with.

As you can see with Ely’s sketch I was confused. I over shot it there, so I needed to simply a little bit and took out a colour. I couldn’t have two colours and have them each represented in warm and cool so I decided for Yellow Ochre, Scarlet and Indigo. I realise now I choose the primary colours. Here’s what happened.

I feel this has worked so much better. If any one has any advice for me please go for it, be as harsh as you want, I can take it!


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