Neck 02

I have been wanting to do street art for ages! Only I hold myself back. At first I thought it would be good to bring a friend along to alleviate my nerves so I did ask a few friends and we made plans but the weather didn’t agree with us so it was put off. That was a few weeks ago.

Today as I woke up I decided not to wait any longer and just do it. I knew my friends were busy, being Christmas, so I went on my own. Forget brushing my teeth or putting on some decent clothes! I picked a tree and went for it.

Reference in one hand, charcoal in the other I worked quickly. Being very sensitive to all noises and looking around the area when I remembered too. I was a little jumpy and nervous to start with but as the experience went on I felt so relaxed.

I felt relaxed because this drawing was made for that moment in time. It wasn’t a commission, it wasn’t going to be shown up on a wall. It could be rained down tomorrow. There was no pressure on me, that’s why it felt great. Something I want to feel and should feel about my drawing all the time and about my life.

View from the walkway

Cool thing is, it’s a little distance from the path and not very¬†noticeable.

If anyone knows of a nice spot for me please let me know. I want to do this forever.


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