Back in March I did this. I called it Purple Orchid.

I knew there were many things that I could’ve fixed, like the jawline, cheeks, lips etc and I tried.

I also experimented with the composition… A slight improvement and I’m glad it still communicated the feeling I was going for but I knew much more work was needed.

That was March, now it’s October.

Here she looks more like a woman and not a caricature. Wow, I just realised I’ve been using the circles for a while now.

I am going to transition back to drawing on wood again. This time with ink, not charcoal like I used to. The biggest problem is how will I translate the pencil work to ink. I want to keep it soft and subtle.

Dry brush will be the first thing I will try. That’s what I used with the hair. I’m using a dagger brush which at first I didn’t understand but after a few months I got used to and I love it now.


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