I didn’t want to stick with flowers all the time. They are nice but it can be a little cliché. I don’t want to rely on gimmicks to express myself. Not that it’s always cliché when someone else does it but it would be for me. I want to have the right intentions when I do things.

So without flowers I don’t know what else to put in, haha. First I wanted to treat Ursula like Blue Thumb, white line work over the top of a layer of colour underneath but it didn’t turn out well. I need to remind myself to record the different stages to give evidence to my words.

In the end I went for plain ‘o brushwork. I figured I need the practice. I use my sketchbook a lot to work on my pencils so I need my ink and brush to catch up. You will all see more brush practice in a post called “Orchid.”

Ok. I want to be brutally honest here. I try not have any attachments to my work during and after BUT I get a little sick looking at this work, lol. It’s so girly. I didn’t mean for this to happen. I will re-work this one day, for sure. Also, I think the expression in the study is better but the expression in the final piece is closer to the reference. I’m curious how people respond to this one.


One thought on “Ursula”

  1. I like that the way your drew her collar bone and shoulder invites the viewer to imagine the rest of her body. Given the lack of straps or sleeves she is undoubtedly naked. And given the angle of her neck she’s probably on a bed. Which makes it a very suggestive image, and not at all girly in my eyes. I think its sultry.

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