Glass Peonies Rising

I did some artwork for a friends wedding invitation.

I wanted to incorporate this into my normal works. Maybe throughout a whole persons hair or just little parts of it? The peony looks like it could be a part of a stained glass window. I’ve been doing noveau influenced art lately because of this. My last three posts have been evident of that. I’m using this noveau phase as a stepping stone to create my character. It feels good to have some direction again. I can’t see that far into my artistic future but that’s very exciting to me.

The pencil work along with the reference I used. The photograph is so beautiful. I usually like to work off photographs. No way I can make this stuff up on my own.

Most of the ink work done. I wanted to take more shots but I forgot! It already got to this point when I remembered that I’m trying to do a progress thing. What’s left are the branches and the white line work over the top of the flowers.

I wanted a little graphic thing in the bottom right to add something different. It’s meant to suggest her ribs but I couldn’t communicate that. It’s been removed now but I’ll keep working on things like this with other works.

Please feel free to comment or critique.


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