Tiffs gift

Hello! I refrained from posting this straight away because my friend said I should write something with it as opposed to just posting the image. So now I’ve had a few days to think about it and I still have no idea what to write…

I’ll try starting by saying that this is Tiffany. She’s very talented, living in New York, USA. I really love her energy towards her art. I feel that she’s constantly doing something and really enjoying it too. It’s very inspiring. This is her:


I’m mostly locked up in my room trying to figure out what direction my art should take or whatever. I guess I just need to keep doing and not worry about stupid things like that.

Anyway, Tiffs birthday popped around (in June) and I thought it would be nice to do a drawing of her. About the same time she told me that if I drew a portrait of her, she would buy it. The thought of someone on the other side of the world owning my artwork was just plain cool.

Ask any of my friends and they will all tell you that I like to give presents late. I do it on purpose. I think it reminds a person of feeling special after the high of the ‘day’. Sometimes people can be so nice to you that one day and the next day they don’t give a damn. So two months after I completed it, haha.

I like what I’ve done but I still feel mostly lost when I work with colour, haha. Please tell me anything that can help me improve. Anything will be great.


2 thoughts on “Tiffs gift”

  1. Some pushy friend ay? Hehe. I like it. I like knowing that. To be honest and say your confused is the beginning of the road to found.

    1. Yeah, like really pushy! So lucky that she’s so beautiful. I like being honest…I find I feel so good when I am. I see a lot of value in it but it can be very hard sometimes. I’ve been drawing heaps lately!

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