My birthday?

I don’t really like celebrating my birthday, I don’t like the attention so mostly I avoid any birthday customs. This year, I didn’t care for any of that because I didn’t have time to! Hahaha.

This year I just happened to be in Melbourne for the first time and going to see Klimt and Schiele, from whom I constantly steal from.

One of my favourite images from the exhibition.

Self Portrait

It feels like Schiele has so much control over the human body. He can break things down, pull them apart, distort them, discards others, puts them back together and in the end it still makes perfect sense. His line, form and colour… I really am nothing compared to Schiele.

I have a lot of things to do and honestly… it’s a bit overwhelming. I feel like locking myself away, get all my commissions done and start working on hands for a year, then feet, then the torso etc. Working feverishly.

After the exhibition, Candice and I decided to walk to Brunswick St. I don’t know why…it took us approximately 40 minutes. Already tired from two and a half hours at the gallery we decided to destroy our feet for no reason and only really discovered half of Brunswick before we had to get back to the hotel for a nap. Pretty cool district though, I liked it, bought an ink pen, bought a wallet.

On our way to dinner I saw one of the best things I have ever seen in my life.



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