Day one

Just got home, had a quick shower, so tired. Had to post otherwise I won’t till the end of the show run.

There was a lot of work preparing for the show. I actually can’t remember everything we did but I remember it being tiring. Even breathing was tiring, the air here in Townsville is thicker.

We set up, it looked quite good. Wind was blowing, had to secure things with paper clips and masking tape.

Rebecca being a pro as usual. Helping me out very patiently, I have been feeling absolutely hopeless ever since I arrived.

Trust in elephants. Especially if they are green and have a zipper for your money.

Our set up complete. It took us a whole day to to figure out where everything would be placed.

It ended up being a slow night. Rebecca sold a few cards but I didn’t sell anything but there are three days to go and we are expecting large crowds.

To end I had to show this clown. How very happy this clown is looking.


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