Just before the trip

Wednesday morning I packed my artworks and got  the Townsville work out of the way. After that I had to frame eight of my works to go up for “The Best of ARTycaf LIVE”. During the day I bought frames

then I needed to cut the matt board…which was one of the most traumatising experiences of my life.

This is what happened to the blade after my practice runs.

Somehow I made the blade curl so it was useless. Luckily I had a spare one to work with. After much trial and error of cutting back to front (since I’m left-handed), putting as much weight on the steel rule I could with my knees, having no idea why it didn’t cut all the way through, brusing my thumbs and palms pushing down and creeping forward with my fingers  etc. I have had black belt gradings that were easier on my body.

At the end of the night I took a look at the ‘once was brand new’ blade…

This time, I chipped it or something. I have no idea how or when but I used this blade to cut out eight pieces of matt board. I feel kind of bad because I don’t own the equipment…hahaha. I slept at 3am again.

They next day everything worked out. The actual framing went very smoothly. Thank you to everyone that helped me. Candice, Patrick, Sandra and Freya. You are too good to me.

Here are some photos of the works up. I tried to get good shots but the lighting wasn’t favourable.

Sorry, about the quality here, I didn’t use flash. AND I didn’t have time to scan it either. I gave this to James at the end of the night.

So hard to see the gold in her eyes in low light.

Carmelina, one of the organisers of the whole event.

George, one of the regular performers at the ARTycaf.

Isaac dancing with his red shoes. I sold this one! Very exciting.

It was a great night. Had so much fun setting up, even more during the show, met incredible people. I loved it.

Now onto Townsville for a new experience.


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