Live Meditatively

So I have a new challenge.

To live in the moment.

I’ve always shied away from doing this. It didn’t make sense to me.  I always revise my actions and plan my future. I like to be prepared for what may come by learning from my past.

Does “living in the moment” mean to disregard the past and future and only think about the precise moment you are experiencing?

Sort of… as it was explained to me. But I guess it’s one of those things that make sense over time as a person does it. And every person has their own spin on what it means to them.

Live Meditatively

  • No fantasising.
  • Be 100% involved in the current you are in. eg while eating, taste the food and do nothing else. Don’t watch TV etc, just eat.
  • Be relaxed, do not force awareness. Let it be.

This already sounds hard.


2 thoughts on “Live Meditatively”

  1. To “live in a moment” is to live honestly to your true self, meditation is like a medicine to get you there I think rather then the result. When one lives in a moment meditation is no longer needed. Because then you just are existing completely. I love resignating with the words live in the moment it reminds me to “meditate”

    1. When things are right, and I can live in the moment (it happens here and there) I feel so relaxed. I appreciate everything.
      So it’s been two months since I’ve been trying and It’s helped me a lot though it’s hard to not fantasise and even to do one thing at a time like have my breakfast. I like to watch while I’m eating, I should ease up on it because I heard that people that do that become addicts.

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